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Bio: Inner_about


Alex Van Gils is a composer, performer, video artist, and game developer, exploring the interplay between human and electronic creative agents. In his multidisciplinary practice, he draws upon methods of generative visual design, algorithmic composition, and traditions of free and structured musical improvisation to create work that centers, explores, and transforms human gesture: the body in motion and at rest.

Alex lives in Brooklyn, NY, and his active projects include a discipline of daily audiovisual compositions uploaded to on instagram, and an upcoming musical video game he’s making as a part of Aria Labs.

Alex works at Cycling ’74, the makers of Max/MSP and RNBO, and is a founding member of Cutelab, where he makes Nestup, a programming language for musical rhythm, with Sam Tarakajian. Alex holds a Ph. D. in Music Theory and Composition from UC Davis.

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